Intramural Program

Intramural Information (Updated 02/5/2023)

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Spring 2023 Intramural Schedule

Season begins Saturday March 18, 2023
9:00am- Boy 2016 and Girl 2017
9:30am -  Boy 2018/19 and Girl 2016
10:00am - Girl 2018/19 and  Boy 2017
Registration Closes on March 11th

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Intra-club Junior Development Program (Intramural Program)

T.B.A.A. is very proud of our restructured intramural program.  We were very happy with the success of this new format which debuted several seasons ago.  We are looking forward to continuing to improve the program as we move forward.

The T.B.A.A. Executive Board spent a considerable amount of time and energy in an effort to improve and modernize our intramural program.  We have completely restructured the program with the primary goals of increasing the fun and enjoyment of the game, eliminating the competitiveness that tends to put pressure on these young players and to provide professional instruction to all of our players so that they can learn and develop the basic techniques of the game.

Some of the highlights of our new program include:

Free, professional instruction for every intramural player;

Instruction provided by the same trainers that train the TBAA travel teams);

Incorporation of the National Youth Training Modules;

Small-sided games at U4,U5 and U6 of 3 v 3 without goalies;

Small-sided games at U7 and U8 of 5 v 5 with goalies;

Teams to be split for games to eliminate, as much as possible, any time spent watching rather than playing.


Each player must wear soccer cleats, shin guards & a size 3 soccer ball. Uniforms will be provided by TBAA (Jersey, Shorts and Soccer socks)

T.B.A.A. would like to thank all of our players, parents, coaches and referees for participating in our 2022 Intramural program.  We trust that everyone had a great time, made some new friends and learned some soccer skills. 

T.B.A.A. Family.