All of the kids currently participating in TBAA’s intramural program with the birth year of 2010 or older will be playing travel soccer next fall unless we don't have enough kids to form teams.

We would like to try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about travel soccer.

  1. When are the tryouts?
  1. The tryouts are scheduled at the Valleybrook Sports Complex on Little Gloucester Road durning the Spring season.

            April and May

  1. My child seems to be a player of average or below average skill level; should he or she still tryout?
  1. Yes, absolutely!!! We intend to form multiple boys’ and girls’ travel teams at each age group. It is our goal that each child who attends tryouts will be placed on a travel team, regardless of skill level.  The teams in the travel leagues in which we play are flighted by age and skill level. We want all of the kids to graduate to travel soccer after the spring 7 v. 7 intramural season.
  1. How far do you have to travel?
  1. The good news is that there is not much travel in travel soccer. Our boys teams participate in the South Jersey Soccer League and our girls teams play in the South Jersey Girls Soccer League both leagues have clubs from Princeton to Cape May . Half of the games are played at home at the Valleybrook Sports Complex on Little Gloucester Road. Often, our teams are scheduled to play road games against other clubs in the vicinity like Washington Twp. and Deptford.
  1. What is the time commitment?
  1. Very manageable. Our teams play both fall and spring seasons, each of which are 10 games. The boys’ league games are played on Sunday afternoons and the girls’ league games are played on Saturday afternoons between 12:30 and 4pm. Practice is held during the week on one or two nights. Many of our teams also participate in a few tournaments over the entire soccer year in South Jersey on weekends when there are no league games.
  1. What is the financial commitment?
  2. Reasonable. The registration fee for travel soccer is only $150.00 per season. The registration fees are used by the club to pay for things like part of a team’s training fees, uniforms, league entry fees, referee fees, insurance and field maintenance. You may also be asked by your team to contribute funds for other costs, like tournament fees, extra training or team equipment bags. These additional costs typically do not exceed $100 to $200 per player for the entire year and many teams participate in fundraisers to cover at least a portion of these expenses.
  1. Do you have to live in Gloucester Township to play for TBAA?
  1. No. We have many players in our travel program from surrounding communities.
  1. What are the advantages of travel soccer?
  1. The kids enjoy going out as a team and competing against players from other towns. Travel soccer offers kids who really like the game to play more seriously and to better develop their skills. All of the travel coaches are required to be licensed and our travel teams have the opportunity to have professional trainers work with them. The travel games are refereed by licensed officials.Because the kids practice and play together, travel soccer often leads to the development of long-lasting friendships.
  1. Can my child play other sports while playing travel soccer?
  1. Yes. Your child is not limited to playing travel soccer only. For example, many of our travel players also play baseball or softball in the spring. All we ask is that you let your coach know in advance about conflicts with your child’s other activities. Our goal is to make it a fun learning experience.

We strongly encourage all of the kids who enjoy playing this beautiful game to attend the travel tryouts.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Anthony Cecero

TBAA President