All Tournament games will be played under FIFA rules unless otherwise indicated in these instructions.


All teams must be affiliated with the USSF and their state organization. A 2024/25  official state roster and valid passes, must be presented at registration. Up to a maximum of 18 rostered players, 16 for U-11's and U-12's and 14 for U-8's, U-9's and U-10's.  



Any team using guest players may have no more than 16 total players (9 v 9 teams maximum 14 players), and (7 v 7 teams maximum 12 players) including a maximum of 3 guest players approved by the tournament director no later than the night of registration.  Secondary player passes will not be accepted.




U15 January 1, 2010 – December 31, 2010

U14 January 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011

U13 January 1, 2012 – December 31, 2012

U12 January 1, 2013 – December 31, 2013

U11 January 1, 2014 – December 31, 2014

U10 January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2015

U9  January 1, 2016 – December 31, 2016

U8  January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017


Any team with mixed age players must play in the oldest applicable age bracket. It is a coach’s responsibility to insure that his / her team is entered in the correct age grouping. Teams found to have an illegal player will be disqualified from the tournament and any games played will be forfeited. Please be careful that you are placed correctly.




 (7 v 7)

25 minute halves with a 5 minute half time.

Exchange patches are highly encouraged 

 (9 v 9)             

25 minute halves with a 5 minute half time.

Exchange patches are highly encouraged 


30 minute halves with a 5 minute half time



Division 4 and 5 # 4 Ball

Division 2 and 3 # 5 Ball



 Any player / coach accumulating three (3) cautions will be dismissed from the tournament.



 Any player / coach ejected from a game will be ineligible to participate in the next scheduled game.



With the permission of the referee, unlimited substitutions will be permitted at the following times:

 -                  prior to a throw-in in your favor,

 -                  prior to a goal kick by either team,

 -                  after a goal by either team,

 -                  after half time.

 Unlimited substitutions will be allowed by either team on stoppage due to injury.

 Substitution is required for a player receiving a YELLOW CARD.  The carded player may re-enter the game at the team’s next allowable substitution.

 If play is stopped for an injured player who is then attended to by the coach, the player must exit the field (except the goalkeeper) and may be replaced by a substitute player.

 When team A is awarded a throw-in in their favor, the opposing team B may also substitute at the same time should the opponent (team A) request a substitution AND players of both teams are positioned at mid-field ready to enter the field.  If a team does not take advantage of a substitution opportunity in their favor, the opposing team may not substitute a player(s).



 No protests will be allowed unless the infraction involves the use of an ineligible player. The referee’s decisions during the game will be final.



 All first place finishers and second place finishers in four team divisions will be awarded trophies or medals. In six team divisions first place trophies will be awarded to each bracket winner and no second place trophies will be awarded. MVP awards will be given out at each game



 In accordance with New Jersey state rules, U10 and younger teams will not participate in a shootout and all ties must stand.



 All teams will play a minimum of three (3) games. Standings will be determined by using the following point system:

 Win - Three (3) points

 Tie - One (1) point

 Loss - Zero (0) points

 Forfeit Win - Two (2) points

 Forfeit Loss - Minus Three (-3) points

Note: (-1) point will be deducted if a team wins by more then 6 goals

 Bonus points will only be used in tie breaker situations.



 Shutout Win - Three (3) bonus points per game (no bonus points for a 0 – 0 or a forfeit win.

 Winning Team / Goal Differential – One (1) bonus point for each goal with a maximum of three (3) points per game.

 Losing Team / Goal Differential – Minus one (-1) bonus point for each goal with a maximum of three (3) points per game.



 If two or more teams are tied at the end of tournament play, the tie will be decided by the following rules: 

Two teams tied

1 Most wins

2 Head to head play

3 Least goals allowed

Total number of bonus points

 5 Shoot-out


 Three teams tied:

(tie breaker continues until one team is eliminated and then reverts to tie breaker rule # 1- Two teams tied, starting at A).

Least wins

Most goals allowed

Least total bonus points


There is no advantage to winning a game by more than 3 goals. In an effort to promote good sportsmanship, coaches are asked to be aware of the point differences in their game. Goals Scored IS NOT a tiebreaker.



 Referee will decide which goal is to be used.

 Winner of coin toss will have choice of shooting first or second.

 Each coach will select five (5) primary shooters (only players on the field at the end of play may shoot).

 After five (5) shots, the team with the most goals will be declared the champion.

 If the teams are tied after five (5) shots, the shoot-out continues with another group of five (5) players on a one on one basis until both teams have taken an equal number of shots and one team has more goals than other.

 If the teams are still tied the shoot-out continues with another group of (5) players. No player may shoot twice until all player on the field at the end of play has participated once.


Golf Cart Policy

You must have a valid New Jersey Drivers License to operate a Golf cart.

 Golf Carts are FORBIDDEN on the Turf fields



 The tournament committee will reserve the right to change times and locations in the event of inclement weather. Every attempt will be made to complete the game schedule. Only the referee can stop play once a game has started. Games that are halted due to weather conditions will be resumed at the first opportunity.  Cancellation of a portion of the tournament may result in the receipt of a partial refund.  Any decision in regard to such cancellation and/or refund rests with the tournament committee.


Postponement and/or Rescheduling

 If the tournament is postponed or rescheduled to a new date, all teams that applied to the original dates will be given the opportunity to withdraw from the revised date of the tournament with a full refund of their entry fees.



 If the tournament is canceled for any reason before the start of the tournament, 70% of the team's entry fee will be refunded.  Any refunds not included in the above are at the sole discretion of the tournament committee.